Profile and structure of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

History of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering goes back to the year 1953. In 1959 it was merged with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and that symbiosis took 33 years. In 1992, after the split, the Faculty returned to its previous original name. It became the first technically oriented Faculty and generally the second Faculty in the Slovak Republic awarded the Quality Certificate for quality control system according to ISO 9001 (in 2003). Since that time further three successful re-certifications occurred (2007; 2010, and 2013).

Structure of the faculty
From a structure point of view, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) consists of eight Departments (seven Departments are located directly in Žilina and one Institute established at the satellite work place in Liptovský Mikuláš), the Service centre and the Dean’s office. Scientific and research activities, properly projected to educational activities, are dynamically developing as a response to floating markets seen within both national and pan-European context. At the very beginning, the activities of original departments were mainly oriented on technical aspects of classical transport, its safety and problems of technical operation of telecommunications. At present, the scientific and research activities addresses the latest problems of information and communication technologies, safety-related control of transport and industry processes, telecommunication engineering, power electronic systems, modern control of electric networks and others. Additionally, such interdisciplinary fields as mechatronic and biomedical engineering are also developed. The FEE’s Departments are listed below:

  • Department of Physics (DPh)
  • Department of Measurement and Applied Electrical Engineering (DMAEE)
  • Department of Electromagnetic and Biomedical Engineering (DEBE)
  • Department of Mechatronics and Electronics (DME)
  • Department of Power Electrical Systems (DPES)
  • Department of Control and Information Systems (DCIS)
  • Department of Multimedia and Information-Communication Technologies (DMICT)
  • Institute of Aurel Stodola situated in Liptovský Mikuláš (IAS).

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